The New Jersey Forensic League

Welcome to the 2014 - 2015 Season of the New Jersey Forensic League!

You are Invited to join us in search of Forensic excellence.

The purpose of the NJFL is threefold:
-to promote interest in all forms of public speech,
-to encourage a spirit of fellowship among its members, and
-to confer upon deserving participants appropriate marks of distinction.

The program of the New Jersey Forensic League of Secondary Schools is to offer students of its members the opportunity for extracurricular competition in various forensic and speaking events. It is not a substitute for curricular speech training nor does it presume established speech curriculum in its member schools. It does, however, enable the ambitious and capable student to develop more than ordinary proficiency in the spoken language. The program here presented may serve as a stimulus to enterprising schools to establish appropriate speech curricula. Member schools in the same geographical areas, moreover, often establish competitive relationships as a result of their contacts during league activities.

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